• Herb garden "De Groene Kruidenhof"; A beautiful garden in the centre of Elburg with the entirely historical character of a herb garden. In the past, healing herbs were grown here for the adjacent guest house where the sick were treated.
  • Fish auction Elburg
  • Flour mill 'De Tijd' Oostendorp; The mill De Tijd, built in 1854, is an octagonal tower mill. If the flag is out on Saterday, it means that the miller, a volunteer, will be there to welcome you. When the wind blows, the wicks turn and corn is ground in accordance with the old customs. The miller will be happy to tell you all about the proces.
  • A. Vogel Gardens 't Harde
  • Casemates
  • Fish Gate Elburg; The former Visafslag, which is the building in which fish was auctioned off, has been refurbished as a museum in the harbour of Elburg. Besides various objects such as nets, baskets and ropes, the signs with text provide an overview of fishing history in Elburg.


  • Museum of Elburg; One of the most striking buildings in Elburg is the previous Agnietenconvent. Once it was a 15th century convent for women, now it houses Museum Elburg and the VVV tourist information agency. The museum has an extensive collection of objects about the history of Elburg and its surrounding. You can visit the former convent buildings, including the remarkable medieval double chapel. The Vischpoort, the casemates and the little wall-house also belong to the museum.
  • Museum smithy "De Hoefkamer"; A permanent exhibition about the trade of the blacksmith. The fire in the old smithy will burn regularly, fuelled by centuries old bellows, to be able to forge.
  • Botter Wharf/Museum shipyard "De Hellege"; Atmospheric year-round exhibitions where various old carfts are portrayed. The activities in the barns are supported by attractive exhibitions where the various old crafts are recreated. You relive the past and gain a clear impression of what things used to be like with the help of a guide.
  • National Organ museum Elburg; You can discover the engaging world of the organ and learn about the great value of this instrument. The organ museum houses, besides may interesting objects, various fascinating historical playable organs of special importance.
  • Museum Sjoel Elburg; The history of the Jews in the Mediene (the Dutch Jewish community outside of Amsterdam) and Elburg told through stories. By means of stories about the daily life of twelve Jewish families you will gain insight into Jewish history.
  • Rope yard Deetman Elburg
  • Dutch Artillery Museum; The museum covers 750 square meters of exhibition space and paints a clear picture of the history of the Dutch Artillery. At the army camp you will also find the Horse Artillery Corps. You could consider combining a visit to both museums. ID reguired.
  • Museum Yellow Riders 'Gele Rijders' 't Harde

Country Estates

  • Estate Old Putten; Zuiderzeestraatweg Oost 65, Elburg
  • Country Estate Zwaluwenburg; Zwaluwenburg 6, 't Harde
  • Country Estate Schouwenburg; Schouwenburg, 't Harde
  • Country Estate Klarenbeek; Zuiderzeestraatweg West 67, Doornspijk